Do this 1 minute routine in Microsoft Teams to reduce stress

Sometimes you need just a minute to yourself, a minute to relax, calm down and realign. Now, with Microsoft Teams, you can do just that.

Take a breather with this one-minute exercise on Viva Insights on Microsoft 365.

A one-minute break can be just the thing you need to reset.

  1. In Teams, head over to Viva Insights.
  2. Go to Take a breather break and hit Play.

Take a one-minute breather with Microsoft Teams
Viva Insights

3. From here, you can play a one-minute clip with a relaxing expanding and shrinking circle that guides you through breathing in and out.

Take a breather in Teams

Once the minute is over, you can then go back to Teams and continue with your day, hopefully feeling more relaxed.

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