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Managing Email Notifications in Microsoft Teams

Some people love receiving Microsoft Teams notification emails. Others prefer them to be turned off all together. Notification emails allow us to:

  • Be instantly aware of updates on Teams.
  • Be updated even if we aren’t logged into Teams.
  • Prioritise messages based on sender, urgency or content.
  • Manage overwhelm by reducing the amount of notifications we receive.

In this blog, we take a look at how to enable and disable this feature within Microsoft Teams. We also look at what email notifications look like and how to tailor them to our own preferences.

What do notification emails look like?

  • The title gives a brief summary of the notification details.
  • A link provides a direct link to the Teams page.
  • Links to the mobile apps are also available at the bottom of the email in case the user wants to see the Teams notification and is using a mobile device which does not yet have the Teams app installed.

Email view of MS Teams notification email

Remember, once you come back into Teams, you’ll see a number of notifications in a red circle on the Activity option. Once you select Activity, you’ll be taken to a feed with a list of previous activity. This means you can still see all of your previous activity history, even if you delete or don’t have access to your notification email.

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Set up email notifications

Setting up email notifications in Teams is easy. Simply:
1. On the Teams tab, hit the three dots in the top-right corner.

The three dots in the right-hand corner of MS Teams

2. Tap Settings.
3. Select the Notifications tab.

Notifications setting in Settings in MS Teams

4. Under Email, you’ll find a Missed Activity Email section.
5. Hit the dropdown box.

An image of the MS Teams setting interface where email notification settings can be tailored to your personal needs

Email frequency

1. Choose the email frequency that suits you.

  • As soon as possible
  • Once every 10 mins
  • Once every hour
  • Once every 8 hours
  • Daily
  • Off

2. Hit the ‘X’ in the top-right corner of the window. There’s no save button so your changes will be made automatically.

Appearance and sound

  • Toggle Show Message Preview.
  • Toggle Play Sound for Incoming Calls and Notifications.

Teams and channels

Choose between three options for the following desktop and activity notification types:

  • All Activity – New messages, reactions and all mentions.
  • Mentions and Replies – Personal mentions and replies to your messages.
  • Customised – Tailor the desktop and activity notifications to your personal preference.


Edit whether you want to be notified by email for chat:

  • Messages
  • Mentions
  • Reactions

Meetings and calls

Control notifications and reminders during your meetings and calls.


Keep track of:

  • People’s statuses.
  • People’s online or offline statuses.


Edit the assignment experience for classes.


Get education insights to help learners thrive.


Get recommendations, tips and prompts from Teams.

Find out more info on personalising your notification emails here.


Personalising your email notifications empowers educators to prioritise their work and keep up to date on the latest developments on their Team’s channels. This can be a hindrance for some so others may wish to disable the email notifications all together.

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