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Quick TIP | Add Timer to a Quiz in Microsoft Teams Assignments

MS Forms is an excellent way to make quizzes to test your students. The latest MS Teams update makes setting up timers in forms super-easy. This blog post shows you how to do just that, saving you time in the classroom, leading to a smoother learning experience for your students.

Set timer in Microsoft Forms

Previously, timers had to be added within Microsoft Forms. Now they can be set up in Assignments within Teams.

  • 1. Attach a form/quiz to your assignment.
  • 2. Tap on the attached form/quiz to open it.

Select a quiz or form in Assignments in Microsoft Teams

  • 3. This takes you into Microsoft Forms. Hit the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the window.
  • 4. Select Settings.

Settings for a form or quiz in Microsoft Teams Assignments

  • 5. Scroll down to the Options for Responses section.
  • 6. Tick the box next to Set Time Duration.
  • 7. Choose How Many Minutes you’d like to give your students to fill out the form/complete the quiz.

Set time limit for timer in Assignments for Microsoft Teams

Set timer in assignments

  • 1. Open the assignment.
  • 2. Add a form to the assignment.
  • 3. Hit the Drop-down Menu next to the Timer Icon.
  • 4. Select the desired form/quiz time limit.

Set timer settings from Assignments page in MS Teams

Timer from students’ perspective

Desktop view

A time limit is now displayed at the start of the quiz/form.

Timer now shows in forms or on a quiz in Teams

After the student selects Click to Start, the timer will begin the count down at the top of the forms window.

Student view desktop form quiz Teams timer

Mobile view

Like the desktop view, on a Mobile Device, the timer will still be displayed at the top of the screen, even if the student scrolls down the page.

Mobile view student forms assignment quiz MS Teams timer

The students also have the option to minimise the timer using the small arrow if they find the timeline distracting.

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Microsoft Teams’ latest update simplifies the process of setting up timers for forms/quizzes, saves teachers time and boosts classroom efficiency.

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