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ISA Login Form

ISA Login Screen
ISA Login Screen

I had my first go at creating a custom form for ISA server today. The implementation went well considering i have never really used ISA server before. My aim is to create a second version of the form which will be more creative and personalised (now i have lost my fear of touching ISA server).
I’m hoping to use the string file to change the text, to give it a more west park feel. Images and logos created in PhotoShop.

Managed Learning Community to be shown at the Achievement Show 2009 – 16th June 2009 at Emirates Stadium, London

West Park will showcase Tony’s MLE community to 1500 delegates from schools around the country. The show is split into 11 themed zones that support all areas of secondary education, one of which is dedicated to New Technologies. Much of the area is devoted to an exhibition area for New Technologies-related companies but there is an area put aside for school presentations.

West Park will showcase the primary and secondary Managed Learning Environments in the New Technologies section of the show because of its impact on student achievement. Redhill and West Park MLEs will be presented showcasing the podcasting, built in video library, parental access and consolidated management system with live registers and student database.



SharePoint Themes

Check out my latest Sharepoint Themes at http://www.tonyishere.co.uk/web.php
Please feel free to add your feedback

Florida Villa Sharepoint Website written in CSS, Javascript and HTML, also using Photoshop for icons and images

F1 style sharepoint site written in CSS, Javascript, ActionScript and HTML, also using Photoshop for vector and logo, also using Flash for animation
Image of car used from original F1 site – replica of original site using sharepoint

School Portal written in HTML, CSS, Javascript, ActionScript and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007. Graphics created in Photoshop and Flash

West Park School Portal written in CSS, Javascript, HTML and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007

Redhill School Portal written in CSS, HTML and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2003

Redhill Pupils Portal (Video Page) written in CSS, HTML, Flash and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2003

West Park School Virtual Learning Environment created in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS)

Redhill Primary School Virtual Learning Environment created in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) – custom theme with images created in photoshop


Please feel free to explore my site, click on the icons to naviagate the site.

I’m Tony Phillips from Codnor in Derbyshire. I have a degree in Digital Entertainment from the University of Derby and I now work on developing Virtual Learning Environments for schools in Derby.

I have over three years experience using WSS, SharePoint 2003 and MOSS 2007 (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007). I have been working on a project to create a virtual learning management system in the city of Derby. We have nine Schools sites and over 2000 users.

My job has been to provide a secure site for each school and within each school we host email, online learning, online registration, videos, document repositories, legal documents and private work spaces. The sensitive data has to be kept private by using a good Active Directory group structure. I also have experience with CSS (for the customisation of SharePoint), HTML (for embedded features such as video), Flash,
Photoshop, SharePoint Designer 2007, Microsoft office 2007 and much more (see CV).

For the smaller primary schools, I used CSS and HTML to fully customise the site.

During the production of the pastoral and business side of the VLE, I have become very competent and creative with custom lists and much more advanced concepts. My success at creating a VLE from scratch has changed the schools philosophy on how to communicate with the wider community and how to interact with parents on a much more intimate level.

The SharePoint portal is used on average 1600 times a day. Using SharePoint’s usage data and google’s analytics, I have produced reports on the VLEs success and which areas are used the most at certain times throughout the day (see page 4).

My work at West Park has been with little supervision and the job has grew as I enhanced the power of SharePoint more everyday. While working at West Park, I have completed Microsoft’s 5061: Implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and
5060: Implementing Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 courses. I believe I have the skills to find solutions to most problems that a content management administrator would encounter. My three years experience with SharePoint has helped me improvise solutions to complex problems using SharePoint’s powerful features. My personal projects have included using other content management software like
joomla, moodle and wordpress. I feel that I have the responsibility and passion to administrate and design much bigger business SharePoint sites.
My passion for graphic design has led me to have great photoshop skills to create modern attractive proffessional sites. Example sites can be seen on my website.


My design skills include HTML, CSS, Flash, ActionScript, Photoshop, SharePoint Designer 2007, 3DS Max and many more.

My personal skills give me a polite and helpful attitude under pressure. I have gained these skills from experience in my other jobs working as a customer sales assistant and working as a football steward where a calm and helpful attitude is very important.
My passion is to learn more and develop skills to help me in the business workplace.

Please take a look at my site and contact me http://www.tonyishere.co.uk/contact.php if you require any further information.


Tony Phillips