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One-minute trick for a professional-looking SharePoint site – CDB Section Breaks Web Part

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the new CDB Section Breaks SharePoint Web Part, which adds a new dimension to your SharePoint page design.

The CDB Section Breaks Web Part allows you to create different shaped sections on your SharePoint sites, for example curved or zigzag lines that add more flare and visual interest to otherwise static and square pages.

CDB Section Breaks

In this video, Tony shows you the different design choices and how you can easily create a more dynamic and exciting SharePoint site.


How to add attractive section breaks to your SharePoint sites

Start by editing your SharePoint site.

  1. Scroll down to where you’d like to add the new section break and select the + button to Add a new section.
  2. Add a Full-Width Section.

Add a full-width section in SharePoint

3. Select CDB Section Breaks. This adds a default curved section break, but you can pick from a long list of design options.

4. Tap the pencil tool in the top-left corner of your new CDB Section Breaks Web Part.

5. Select the type of section break you’d like to add. For example, Curves, Circles, Castle, Chequered, Clouds, Triangle, Mountains, Paint, Round, Waves and Zigzag.

zigzag sharepoint

6. Select Republish in the top-right-hand corner. An example question and answer section will appear. 

Change the colour of your CDB section breaks.

Changing the colour of your CDB section breaks is easy. You can change the colour to any colour within your organisation’s pre-set colour palette. We recommend changing it to the same colour as the adjacent section so it flows nicely as you scroll down the page.

  1. Select Edit Section on your Section Break.
  2. In the Configuration menu, you can Select Image Shading to change the colour of the section break or Select Background Shading to change the colour underneath the section break.

Change the colour of your section breaks in SharePoint

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The CDB Sections Breaks web part for SharePoint is only available to Cloud Design Box customers. If you would like to find out more about our Cloud Box platform and how we can help improve communication and collaboration in your school or MAT, book a free demo today.