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We’re at The MAT Growth Conference 2023 

Cloud Design Box are attending this autumn’s MAT Growth Conference, hosted by The Multi Academy Trust Association (MATA).  

The one-day conference focuses on “leadership for growth” and features a variety of keynote sessions and workshops focusing on:  

  • Growing into a sustainable trust 
  • Improving the onboarding process for schools 
  • Understanding the latest in Ofsted’s role for MATs 
  • Growing beyond your locality, breaking barriers to further regional growth 
  • Creating a shared vision, ensuring all stakeholders and the organisation are on board 
  • Improving the outcomes for RI/inadequate schools when joining your MAT 
  • Strategies to improving your collaboration across the trust 

MAT Growth Conference

The day concludes with an interactive panel discussion, which explores the strategies and best practices for building strong interpersonal relationships and promoting effective collaboration in a MAT.  

The expert panellists, which include Sam Henson, Director or Policy at the National Governance Association and three representatives from several multi academy trusts, will share their experiences and perspectives on how to foster communication, trust and a shared vision.  

Who are MATA? 

The Multi Academy Trust Association (MATA) is ran by MAT leaders and is on a mission to support the growing community of trust leaders to collaborate and network with one another.  

Cloud Design Box Team Photo

Speak with Cloud Design Box at The MAT Growth Conference  

Our team will be on hand to speak to MAT leaders about streamlining communication across the trust and providing a solution that ensures quality across the MAT with a consistent set up as new schools are onboarded.  

We support trusts across the UK in creating a powerful central hub that fosters a culture of collaboration and communication, streamlines senior leadership and gives teachers and students the tools they need to teach and learn inside and outside the classroom.  

The MAT Growth Conference 2023 takes place on 3 October 2023 at 15Hatfields in London. Tickets are free for education professionals.