Setting Assignments in Microsoft Teams for Education

Homework has many benefits for students including learning how to work independently, staying organised and taking responsibility for their part in the educational process. It also gives them a chance to review the lesson and go over the material again.

Assignments give teachers the ability to track student progress and to see if the student understands the lesson content.

Microsoft’s Office 365 now provides another educational tool in their arsenal of productivity apps. Teams is a collaboration tool for your classes with the ability to have discussion threads, document sharing, class notebooks (see my previous post) and assignments.

In this post I’m going to focus on the assignment aspect of teams. You can follow the video guide or the blog post below, I hope this helps you get the most out of Microsoft Teams!

How to view assignments for your class

Inside your class, click on the “Assignments” tab to view a timeline of all the set assignments for this group.


You can select either a horizontal or vertical timeline view of the assignments using the view selector (highlighted yellow below).

Microsoft Teams

How to create a new assignment

To start setting work for students, click the “New assignment” button.

New Microsoft Teams Assignment

You are then prompted to enter the details of the new assignment

Fill in assignment details Microsoft Teams

  • Assign to: Select which classes to assign to (you can set it to more than one of your classes here!)
  • Title: This is the title of the assignment.
  • Instructions: Include a description here to help the student complete the assignment.
  • Due date and time: When the assignment becomes late (you have the option to allow late hand-in below)
  • Late turn-in allowed: If this is enabled, students can still hand-in work after the due date. This is required if you are using class notebook pages.
  • Points: Turn this on to allow a mark allocation. Currently these are only available as a number score.

Documents can be added from OneDrive, your computer or from the OneNote Class Notebook. We are hopeful that SharePoint and other class teams will be added to this soon! There are two options for attaching these resources.

Attach reference materials

These documents are for the student to view as part of the assignment. You might include a PowerPoint, links to useful websites, etc.

Specify what students will turn in

Documents uploaded in this section can be edited by the student and submitted back as part of the assignment. This is particularly useful for things like worksheets.

When you have finished the assignment, you can either save it as a draft or assign it to the class. As soon as this is assigned to the class, it will appear in their assignment timeline and they will get a notification on their team mobile and desktop apps.

Assign to students button

How to review completed assignments

Use the review button to bring up the assignment timeline and assignment submissions.

review assignments

Select the relevant assignment from the timeline to show the student work.

Mark assignments

Each student has:

  • Student work: Links to files that the student has returned.
  • Date turned in: The date and time that the student submitted their assignment.
  • Feedback: Some written feedback for the student.
  • Points: If you have chosen to enable this in your assignment, you can give the student a grade.

Students will not be able to see your feedback or grade until the “Post” button is clicked.

Post Grades and Marks

Click the “Export to Excel” button to download a spreadsheet of the assignments.

Export to Excel from MS Teams
Grade export from Microsoft Teams

The grades spreadsheet shows all the assignments set to this class over the school year. It optionally shows grades, if enabled per assignment. No more manual marksheets! You could use this data to import or fill in MIS marksheets quicker.

Mobile Apps

One of the best ways to engage with students both inside and outside of school using Teams is to encourage them to use the mobile app. Students get instant notifications of any mentions, homework or graded assignments.

Microsoft Teams iOS and Android App

Teams automation and customisation

Teams is free for schools, check you have the license enabled to start using it. At Cloud Design Box, we can provision teams from MIS data and create an engaging and simple dashboard to access team data in SharePoint. We can also create student folders inside team sites and extend the experience even further, making it easier and increasing student and teacher engagement. You can find out more information on our website

Cloud Design Box Class Cards

7 thoughts on “Setting Assignments in Microsoft Teams for Education

  1. Hans van der Hoeven

    I’m looking for group assignments in Teams. This is not available (yet)? Do you know if this on the roadmap?

    1. Tony Phillips Post author

      Hi Hans,

      Thank you for your comment. What do you mean by group assignments? You can set assignments to multiple classes or individual students, that is now available for everyone.


  2. Chris

    Hi Tony

    I think what Hans is asking is whether it is possible to set an assignment to a whole class, but, as the pupils are working in groups, only one of the group members needs to submit their joint work, and when you mark it/write comments, these show for all the members of the group. Is this possible?

    Otherwise I guess that each member of the group has to submit the same piece of work separately, and you have to mark each one separately, even though the work (for all those in the same group) will be identical.

    Many thanks in advance if you are able to help.


    1. Tony Phillips Post author

      Hi Chris,
      Thank you for your comment. That isn’t currently an option. I’m not sure how that could work without over complicating the assignment process. I guess the teacher could set the assignment for the group leaders or the students could share the work between themselves and all return the same piece of work. I’m interested to see how this is done on other online homework assignment systems…

  3. Sean

    Did they remove the option to export all grades / assignments at once? Tried to follow but only seem to be able to export one single assignment at time now….

    1. Tony Phillips Post author

      Hi Sean,
      This still works for me. Do you have a start/expiry date for the class? If not, I would log a support ticket in the admin centre and get Microsoft to fix this for you.


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