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The Microsoft Translator app in Class Notebook allows students to capture a transcript of what the teacher is saying during a lesson, which can help support students who have a hearing impairment, struggle with auditory processing or simply find taking notes and listening at the same time a challenge.

How to activate live captions with Microsoft Translator (for teachers).

  1. The teacher must open the Microsoft Translator App and select the Conversations icon (two people speaking to each other).
  2. Select Start and select your native language.
  3. Conversation code will appear on the screen for you to share with your students. Alternatively, have your students scan the QR code or use the website link.
  4. Select Enter to start transcribing.

How to set up Microsoft Translator for teachers

Tip: Hit the settings icon in the top-right corner to enable Presenter Mode. This means your whole lesson will be recorded without having to press the microphone button each time you speak.

How to access live captions in Class Notebook (for students).

How to set up Microsoft Translator for students

  1. In Class Notebook, head to your personal class notes area.
  2. Select View in the top navigation bar.
  3. Select Live Captions.
  4. Enter the code (provided by your teacher).
  5. Select your language. For example, ‘English’.

The live transcript will then appear on the side of the Class Notebook, allowing you to follow along and take notes as the lesson progresses.

Generate live captions for your classes with the Microsoft Translator app

Students have the ability to:

  • Pause the transcript when needed. The transcript will then catch up with the teacher when played again.
  • Change the text size of the transcript.
  • Highlight parts of the transcript in various colours.

The transcript is saved in the student’s Class Notebook under Transcripts when the lesson is finished. The transcript shows any highlights made and is timestamped.

Microsoft Translator also translates your transcript into other languages, which is a brilliant tool for EAL students. This feature is set up in exactly the same way as above, but you can change the language depending on the student’s needs.

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