How to post a document as a news item on SharePoint

Posting a document as news on SharePoint is a great way to share important information and resources with a large group of people. For example, you can share policies, handbooks, revision material, or any other useful information that your school, trust or organisation may need to be informed about.

Here’s an example of staff handbook updates we posted to a SharePoint site as news:

News item about policy in SharePoint

In this guide, we show you the very simple process of sharing documents on the news page of any SharePoint site.

Here’s a video our Trainer Joe created that walks you through how to post a document as news on a SharePoint site. Meanwhile, below is a written step-by-step guide.

How to post a document as news on a SharePoint page.

  1. Go to SharePoint or Teams and find the document you would like to share.
  2. Hover over the document and select the tick box, which is on the left-hand side of the document.
  3. Select Copy link. This copies the link to your document into your clipboard until you’re ready to paste.

Copy the link to the document you want to post as news on SharePoint

Important: Be sure to check your permissions on your document to ensure the right people will be able to access it.

4. Go to the homepage of your chosen SharePoint site.

5. Under News, you can either add a news post or a news link.

If your SharePoint home page doesn’t have a News section, find out how to add one in our Ultimate Guide to SharePoint Homepages.

6. Select News Link to open up a link box.

7. Paste (right-click + paste) the link you copied earlier.

Adding a news link to your SharePoint homepage

Once you’ve done this, you can include any additional information (such as a title, description etc). You can see the preview image and also have the option to change it to something else too from your images or a search engine.

5. Hit Post.

You can post a document as news on any SharePoint page, so you have the option to share documents to subject pages, year group pages and even staff pages. It’s a great way to connect with others, while also giving your document a permanent and designated place for students, teachers or staff to find in the future.

Sharing a document as news on SharePoint

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