Policy Acknowledgement Receipt using Microsoft Forms

It’s important to keep track and evidence who has read policy documents in any organisation or school.

Below, we have created a video on how you can quickly and easily create a policy acknowledgement receipt using Microsoft Forms.

2 thoughts on “Policy Acknowledgement Receipt using Microsoft Forms

  1. Sarah/School Business Manager

    Hi Tony
    Thank you for your simple demonstration of this read receipt via Forms. I love what MS Forms can do but my issue with this solution for tracking who has read policies is that it doesn’t tell you who has not read them and therefore who needs to be chased. I work in a local authority junior school and issue a number of policies to staff throughout the year, as part of the Staff Handbook. I’m currently trawling the internet looking for a solution, without needing to purchase something like DocuSign – I’m very new to SharePoint and teaching myself so progress is slow. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear about them.

    Many thanks


    1. Tony Phillips Post author

      Hi Sarah,

      That is a good question. You would need a more complicated solution to do that. There are many different ways you could do that with MS products. My preferred way of doing that would be to have a list of staff in SharePoint and create a PowerAutomate to send out the policy and create a task for each user. You could then keep track of who hasn’t recorded their receipt. However, that would take some time and skill to setup, so it might be easier to use something like AdobeSign (paid software).



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