Microsoft Teams for Education Released

Class teams are now available inside Microsoft Teams. These are created automatically using School Data Sync (SDS) or can be created manually in the Teams interface.

Microsoft Class Teams

Teams is a great collaboration interface that pulls together instant messaging, videos calls, SharePoint, OneNote and assignments into one place. It can also be extended with custom tabs.

I’ve created a quick video review below.

There are some similarities to Microsoft Classroom, however some functionality is different. A few issues with Class Notebooks in Teams:

  • Student sections menu not visible
  • Missing the Class Notebook tab to distribute pages and sections
  • Immersive reader option missing from view tab

You can get around these issues by opening the Team’s SharePoint site and clicking “Notebook” inside SharePoint. Hopefully Microsoft will be quick to resolve these issues.

Microsoft Classroom had a mobile app for Android and iOS which gave students notifications when new assignments were posted or graded. It also allowed students to set reminders for homework. The Teams mobile app does not include the assignment section at all so no notifications for students or teachers. The assignments are not visible on mobile devices. Again, this is early days and I expect Microsoft to release this functionality in the not too far future.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Teams for Education Released

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  2. Ed

    Instant messaging is not a desirable feature in a classroom. The teacher needs to be in control, you can’t have the pupils chatting amongst themselves. Even if you disable ‘Chat’ you still have the ‘Conversation’ tab.
    Mute? No dice, they go to the tab for a different lesson, and have a group chat there. Unmonitored.

    1. Tony Phillips Post author

      Totally agree, it could be used for cyber-bullying and cause other issues if left unmonitored. There are tenant-wide configuration options to restrict this though. I will try to cover these in more detail in a future blog post.

  3. Ed

    Thankyou for your objective videos, they give a very clear overview of how to use the product which is rather opaque in Microsoft’s own materials.


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