Learning Tools in OneNote Class Notebook

OneNote Class Notebook is free for education users as part of Office 365, it has some additional functionality which isn’t available in standard OneNote files. In this blog post, I want to focus on the additional learning tools available in this version. There is also a video guide for this post below.

How do I get Class Notebooks?

Class Notebooks can be created in a many ways (depending on how your school decides to use Office 365). Class Notebooks can be created from the Class Notebook App, Microsoft Teams or inside SharePoint or OneDrive.

Creating a “Class” in Microsoft Teams will automatically create a Class Notebook for the group.

How are Class Notebooks different to OneNote Notebooks?

Class Notebooks have a section for each student. Each student can see their own section, the teacher resources and the collaboration area. They can’t see other student sections. Logged in as a teacher, you have access to all the student sections.

OneNote Class Notebook

How do I send distribute an assignment to the students?

Assignments, worksheets or any other hand-outs can be copied into each student’s own section. To distribute a page, the teacher must:

  • 1. Create a new page
  • 2. Populate the page with what you would like to be sent out to the student (e.g. write an essay on…..)
  • 3. In the “Class Notebook” option in the ribbon, select “Distribute Section”
  • 4. Select where you would like the page to be sent

OneNote Class Notebook Distribute Section

How do I review student work?

Class Notebook has a great tool to make it simple to find student work. In the ribbon select “Review Student Work” from the Class Notebook.

OneNote Class Notebook Review Student Work Button

From here, you can select a page and switch between students for quick access to their work.

OneNote Class Notebook Review Student Work

Immersive reader

This option is available under the “View” tab.

Immersive Reader Button

The immersive reader provides the student with a tool to clearly show text on the page without other distractions (images, formatting, etc). In addition to sharpening the student focus on the text, the tool provides some options to:

  • Emphasise syllables, nouns, verbs and adjectives.
  • High contrast themes
  • Focus on lines or sections of the text
  • Read out the text

Immersive Reader

This is a learning tool that has some good research behind it which suggests that it can be used to improve reading and writing comprehension.

Read the study here

What about formal assignments and homework?

OneNote Class Notebook is a great tool for non-formal work hand-outs. With Microsoft Teams, it can be enhanced to provide formal assignments which can be handed out to students, collected in and graded. We will look at that in the next blog/video post.

Need help setting up Microsoft Teams?

I work for Cloud Design Box and we provide teacher training workshops, support, MIS integration, apps and many other services for Office 365. You can contact us via the website or by email. I hope you have found this blog and video post useful!

4 thoughts on “Learning Tools in OneNote Class Notebook

  1. caroline

    HI Tony

    Just watched the teams and class notebook videos. Thanks. I was using One note classroom last year for A level economics. I got increasingly fed up with having to distribute the pages for assignments as it took ages to upload x x number of students. Then in December I learn MS are no longer support One Note and that I need to use Teams. So just looking at teams today. I like the assignment feature a lot. although I can’t seem to have the marking flexibility anymore. Why would I keep using classroom going forward as it seems I can collaborate, share files, assign work like before all in teams. Your thoughts?

    1. Tony Phillips Post author

      Hi Caroline,
      Thank you for your comment. Microsoft no longer support Microsoft Classroom. You can continue to use OneNote Class Notebook but these exist automatically in Teams.
      You are right, class notebook provided a nice flexible approach to assignments where as Assignments in Teams is a more formal structured way of marking work.
      Have you tried using a combination of the two? You can set and assignment in teams and select a class notebook page. This will then be distributed to all students in Class notebook and you can formally mark it in Assignments but still have the flexibility to comment and write on student work in the notebook. I will try and do a video on this at some point!

  2. Emma Wimhurst

    Hi Tony….. in the post above you refer to a video on setting assignments in Teams, linking to class notebook – has this been done? I can’t seem to find it, Thank you,


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