Integrating Google Calendar Data with SharePoint using Microsoft Flow

It can be time consuming to update multiple calendars. You can now setup custom flows using Microsoft Flow to copy and edit data between the two calendars.

Google Calendar to SharePoint

In the example below, I create a Microsoft Flow to detect when a new Google Calendar item is added and then create a new item in a SharePoint calendar.

First of all, open Microsoft Flow.

Microsoft Flow

Select “Create from blank” to open the flow editor

Search for the correct trigger by typing “Google” into the search box. You should see “Google Calendar – When an event is added to a calendar”. We will use this trigger to detect when a new item is added to the Google calendar.

Google Calendar trigger

When prompted, sign into your Google account and allow access to the calendar.

We are now going to add another step to the flow to add the items into our SharePoint calendar. Click “New Step” and then Add an action.

New flow step

Search for “SharePoint – Create item”, add the URL and list name. This should load up all the calendar new item fields.

Click in each field and select the output from the previous step (the google calendar data). You may wish to populate the Title, Start Time, End Time, Location and Description.

New SharePoint calendar item

Select “Create flow” when you are ready to publish the new task. It can take a few seconds for the task to run once the Google calendar item has been added. You can check the progress and status of the task from the Flow site.

There are other things to consider when setting this up such as all day events, recurrence, editing items and deleting items. However, you should be able to extend the logic in the flow to handle these data types. Below is a video guide going through the process.

3 thoughts on “Integrating Google Calendar Data with SharePoint using Microsoft Flow

  1. Rick

    Great! Only the item in my SharePoint calendar is coming in at a different time. And the time zone is the same.
    Any ideas how to fix this?

    1. Tony Phillips Post author

      Hi Rick,
      All time comes out of SharePoint in UTC format. There are some steps you can add in flow to convert from UTC time to local time. Try the “Convert Time Zone” step. You will also need to take into account which timezone Google expects (I’m not sure on that one).
      Hope that helps!

  2. Andie C

    So we’re trying to do the opposite of your example and add an event to the google calendar from updating a column within a SharePoint item. It’s working thus far and successfully adding an event to the calendar, however, it’s using the wrong sync’ed gmail/google calendar account from the one selected for the Calendar ID. For example, I have gmail account X sync’ed to SharePoint and have account X selected for the Create an Event portion of the flow, but the event is being added for gmail account Y, which is not even sync’ed to SharePoint.


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