How to create eye-catching announcements in Microsoft Teams

Announcements in Microsoft Teams are great for highlighting content for a whole class or department. In this guide, we show you how to post an eye-catching announcement in your Teams channels, alongside some time-saving tips.

How to post an announcement in Teams.

You can create an eye-catching, customised announcement post with a coloured background in Teams.

  1. Go to the Teams channel you wish to create an announcement for.
  2. Select New conversation.
  3. Select Format (the A with a pencil) to expand the compose box.
  4. Select the arrow next to New conversation and change it to Announcement.
  5. Type a heading to your announcement, followed by a subheading and main body.
  6. Hit Send (the paper plane icon).

Create Eye-catching announcements in Microsoft Teams

How to make your announcements in Teams stand out.

Announcements are a great way to make your content stand out to the whole channel.

Create Eye-catching announcements in Microsoft Teams

Change the announcement header.

Next to the header, there is an option to change the background colour of the header.

You can also Upload an image or Choose an illustration.

Change the background header of your announcement in Microsoft Teams

Format the text.

In Announcements, you can format the text of your message in a similar way to how you can in Microsoft Word.

You can create Bold, Italic and underlined text, change the font colour and add highlights.

Bulleted and numbered lists and quotes can also be added to your message.

Add links and tables.

You can also add other content to your announcement in Teams.

In the video, Keith shows you how to add links from SharePoint and external sites.

You can also add tables and code.

Notify people about your announcement.

When you’re finished creating your announcement, hit Send (the paper plane icon). This notifies everyone in that channel, but you can also @mention the channel name to make sure everyone gets notified.

Similarly, you can @mention specific people in the announcement.

Notify people about your announcement in Microsoft Teams

Mark your announcement as important.

Create an important announcement by selecting the exclamation mark icon.

Choose who can reply to your announcement.

By default, everyone in your Teams channel can reply to your announcements. But you can change this to avoid lots of people responding unnecessarily.

  1. Select the arrow next to Everyone can reply and select who can reply. In this example, we’ve turned off student responses.

Choose who can reply to your announcement in Microsoft Teams

Post in multiple channels.

Sometimes an announcement needs to be shared with multiple Teams channels.

Save time creating a new announcement for each channel by selecting Post in multiple channels. This brings up a dialogue box where you can choose which channels you wish to publish your announcement to.

Post an announcement to multiple channels in Class Teams

The channel names will appear at the top of your announcement and if you need to remove one, hit the X next to the channel name you wish to remove.

Edit your announcement.

To edit your announcement, tap the three dots (…) in the top corner and choose Edit.

  1. Make the necessary changes to your announcement.
  2. Select the tick at the bottom corner of the box to save your changes.
  3. Cancel any changes by selecting the cross.

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