Add our helpful teaching and learning guides to your SharePoint site with the CDB Blog Posts Web Part

In this guide, we show you how to add the Cloud Design Box Blog Posts Web Part to display our helpful guides and resources on your SharePoint sites.  

The CDB Blog Posts Web Part automatically pulls in our latest blogs, guides, podcasts, videos and resources to your school or trust’s SharePoint site. 

An example of the CDB Blog Posts Web Part on SharePoint

It would sit perfectly on an IT help site as we regularly post “How to” guides and walkthroughs for Microsoft 365 in Education. 

Alternatively, if you want to see how other schools and MATs are using Cloud Box, you can pull in our latest podcast interviews to your SLT team site.  

Another idea is pulling in all our student and parent guides to parent/guardian area to onboard parents to Microsoft 365 and tell them about the latest features supporting their child’s learning.  

Below is how you can add and configure the CDB Blog Posts Web Part to your SharePoint sites:

How to add the CDB Blog Posts Web Part to a SharePoint site. 

  1. Head to the site you wish to add it to and hit Edit in the top-right corner of the screen.  
  2. Decide where you want your blog and news articles to appear on the site and hit the plus button to add a new web part. 
  3. Search for “CDB Blog” and Cloud Design Box customers should be able to see our CDB Blog Posts Web Part.  

Search for CDB Blog to find the CDB Blog Posts Web Part

Note: You can add this web part to any section of your SharePoint site.  

4. Select Republish to add this to the page and it’ll pull in all the latest blog posts and guides from Cloud Design Box. 

Filter blogs and news to suit you. 

You can also filter what news you see so that the content is always relevant to your audience.  

  1. Select Edit Web Part. 
  2. Open the drop-down menu under Filter by category to choose which category of blog posts you want to display on your site.  

For example, Business News, Education News, Office 365, Podcasts, Teacher guides or Student and Parent guides.  

So, if you wanted to create a SharePoint site for parents, you can add the CDB Blog Posts Web Part and pull in all the student and parent guides to help guide them on Microsoft 365.  

Filter the blog posts on the CDB Blog Posts web part

Change the title of your blog posts web part.  

  1. Select Edit Web Part. 
  2. Under the web part title, you can edit the name of the web part. For example, “Parent guides” or “Podcasts”. 
  3. You can also choose to hide the title, description and date.  

Choose how many blog posts to display.  

You may wish to alter how many blog posts display on your SharePoint site. The default is 12 but this may not be your preferred option. 

  1. Select Edit Web Part.  
  2. Under Number of blog posts to display use the slider to increase and decrease the number of blogs you wish to pull through to your SharePoint site.  

The CDB Blog Posts Web Part for SharePoint is only available to Cloud Design Box customers. If you would like to find out more about our Cloud Box platform and how we can help improve communication and collaboration in your school or MAT, book a free demo today. 



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