Be More Productive – Focus Time Guide on Viva Insights

The need for effective productivity and well-being solutions has never been greater. Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams steps up to the plate, offering a wide array of features designed to:

  • Enhance productivity
  • Streamline collaboration
  • Prioritise employee well-being

  • Employee wellbeing award winners Cloud Design Box are experts at utilising tools through our intranet to improve employee happiness and wellbeing.

    In this article, we’ll delve into the various benefits of using Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams and discover how it empowers organisations to thrive in the modern digital landscape.

    Install Viva Insights

      1. Select the apps icon on Team’s left menu bar.
      2. Search Viva Insights.
      3. Under Apps, select Viva Insights.

    Install Viva Insights 2

      4. Tap Add.

    Select Add Vista Insights

    Viva Insights will automatically open once it’s been installed. If you’d like easy access to Viva Insights, you can attach it to the left menu bar by right-clicking on the Viva Insight icon and selecting pin.

    Pin Vista Insights to the Menu

    Create Focus Time

    Viva Insights allows you to schedule focus time using the remaining free time in your current calendar. Best of all, it’s very easy to set up:

      1. Tap Protect Time in the top menu or scroll down to find the Protect Time window and select More Options.

    Focus Time in Vista Insights

      2. Rename the focus time if you’d prefer a customised focus time name. This will be displayed in your calendar.
      3. Select a date and time for the focus time list. Viva Insights will allow you to select a time range that is currently free in your calendar.
      4. Hit Show More Focus Time Options to see more available times.
      5. Tap Book Time for the desired focus time slot(s).
      6. See Further Dates by selecting the small left and right arrows.

    Set up Focus Time in Vista Insights

    Your new focus time can now be seen in the calendar on Team’s left menu bar. You can edit your focus time just like an ordinary scheduled meeting in your calendar. Your status will change from available to Do Not Disturb once the focus time begins too.

    Edit Focus Time Settings

    Once your focus time has been created, you’ll only receive notifications for urgent messages and from your priority contacts. These can be edited in change settings.

    Tap on the notification to view your task list and set up a countdown timer.

    Create a Focus Plan

    Booking focus times can also be done on an ad hoc basis or planned in advance on a recurring basis. This feature enables you to book focus time automatically which lasts for 8 working days.

      1. Go to the Improve Work Life Balance window.

    Focus Plan in Vista Insights

      2. Select Get Started.

    Selected Vista Insights in Focus Plan

      3. Your time will appear in your calendar. Check your calendar to see the focus times.

    Edit a Focus Plan

      1. Go to Viva Insights on Team’s left menu to see an overview of your focus plan.
      2. Select Book Focus Time.

    Edit Focus Plan in Vista Insights

      3. You can edit the dates and times of your focus time here.

    Focus Plan Preferences

      1. Tap the Viva Insights icon on Team’s left menu to see an overview of your focus plan.
      2. In Your Insights, select Book Focus Time.
      4. Go to the Protect Your Time window.
      5. Select View Focus Plan Preferences.
      6. Here, you can:

    • Set your lunch hour.
    • Configure your recurring plans for focus.
    • Set an earliest focus time start time.
    • Choose if you’d like to receive notifications or not.
      7. Hit Save. It can take up to 24 hours to enact the changes.
      8. If you’d like to revert the plan back to its original state, select Reset to Default.
      9. You can also cancel the plan by choosing Leave Plan.

    Leave plan in Vista Insights

    It can take up to 24 hours for these changes to be made.

    Remember that recurring focus time will be set for the next 8 working days. If you’d like to set up a recurring event longer than 8 days, simply set up a recurring meeting in your Microsoft Teams calendar.

    Viva Insights Suite

    Purchasing Viva Insights Suite would give you further control over your productivity in Microsoft Teams. Viva Insights Suite includes:

  • Viva Connections – Centralise a gateway for company resources, news, and collaboration.
  • Viva Engage – Enhance team dynamics with personalised insights, fostering well-being and stronger bonds.
  • Viva LearningIntegrate learning management system for easy access to training and personalised learning.
  • Viva Topics – Automate knowledge organisation, empowering users with relevant information.
  • Viva Goals – Facilitate goal-setting, tracking and alignment for a goal-oriented culture.
  • Specifically, Viva Insights Suite enables the above by providing the following:

  • AI-powered learning suggestions, monitoring, and external app integrations.
  • Valuable organisational analytics for managers and leaders.
  • Tailored insights tools and boosters.
  • AI-based content organisation and exploration.
  • Efficient goal setting and management features.
  • Enhanced community engagement options.
  • Knowledge sharing through crowd-based FAQs.
  • Support for multiple branded employee hubs for news and updates.
  • You can find the current Viva Insights Suite business pricing plan here.

    Contact Cloud Design Box to find out how we can help you improve collaboration and communication with an intranet.

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