Huge changes for teachers using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has released some much-anticipated features to Teams that make delivering quality teaching and learning even easier. Ranging from invisible feedback to deleting sections in Class Notebooks, these new features have been long-awaited by many teachers and schools.

In the video, Joe gives you a roundup of all the best new features.

Invisible Feedback.

Providing feedback has always been a feature on Teams’ assignments, but now teachers can keep their feedback hidden until they would like the student to see it. There are many reasons why you would want to hide feedback until a certain time, and this feature can help you do that. It also allows you, as the teacher, to make notes for yourself on an assignment. All feedback will be hidden until you return it for revision.

Invisible Feedback Microsoft Teams Assignments

Tip: Be sure to date your feedback, so it’s easier to keep track of it.

Returning Feedback for Revision Microsoft Teams Assignments

Class Average Grades.

The new Class Average Grades allows you to view the class average grade across an assignment. You can view this as a bar chart or line graph. With the drop-down menu, you can easily switch through assignments for comparison. You can also access further information which tells you the average grade, the assignments not viewed or turned in, late submissions and which assignments were returned for revision.

Class Grade Averages

All of this information can also be exported to Excel, meaning you can create spreadsheets to show your student’s progress and share it with other members of staff. This is a great feature that shows your student’s progress as a group and can also help to highlight any issues your class may have with a specific subject or topic.

Deleting Sections in Class Notebooks.

Deleting sections in Class Notebooks is a long-awaited feature, and it’s finally here! You may need to delete a section if you don’t use it or if it’s cluttering up your student’s class notebook. Now you can easily delete a section, helping you to keep the class notebook tidier and more organised.

This is a simple action you can access through Manage Notebook. Here all your notebook sections will appear, and at this point, you can edit, add or delete sections.

delete class notebook sections

Tip: If you’re unable to delete a section because the button doesn’t work, select Add Section and then Cancel. The delete button should then start to work (this may be a glitch and, therefore, will hopefully be fixed in the near future).

Please note that when you delete a section, the action is permanent, and you won’t be able to access anything saved in that section again. So be cautious when you’re deleting sections.

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