How to attach a Microsoft Form to a Teams Assignment

Microsoft Forms are a great way to engage students in their learning and get them to reflect on a recent lesson or revise a topic for an upcoming exam or assessment. In this guide, we show you how to attach a Form to a Microsoft Teams Assignment.

With Forms, you can make interactive quizzes for your class. Teachers can use multiple choice questions or long-form answers that require students to write a short paragraph or two. You can also get students to self-reflect on their learning with Linkert and Rating scales.

What’s more, Forms can be configured so that they’re self-marking, giving students instant feedback on their answers and highlighting any areas they may need to revise.

Because of all this, they make a great quick and effective homework task, so here’s how to attach a Microsoft Form to a Teams Assignment.

Attaching Microsoft Forms to Microsoft Teams Assignments.

Attach Microsoft Forms to Teams Assignments

You can attach a Form or quiz to a Teams Assignment in just a few quick clicks.

  1. Open Assignments in Teams for the class you wish to set homework for.
  2. Select Create and then Quiz. This brings up a Forms window.
  3. Select a quiz you made earlier – you can use Search to filter down your options. (Alternatively, select New Quiz to create a new quiz for your assignment)
  4. Select Next to attach it to your assignment.

From here, you can go in and edit the Title of the assignment, add instructions, set a due date and assign it to specific students like you would any other assignment in Teams.

5. Select Assign.

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