Adding subtitles and captions to Office 365 video

I’ve created a quick video guide on how to add subtitles in Office 365 video. It consists of first creating a VTT file containing the subtitles data and then uploading it into the video settings inside Office 365. Please find the video below and hope you find it useful!

2 thoughts on “Adding subtitles and captions to Office 365 video

  1. Piyanate C

    I have uploaded the subtitles file (vtt file) on office 365 but some lines are missing..

    when i checked back the vtt file, the missing lines are there in the file…but they are not shown in the video.

    Have you ever came across this problem?
    Best Regards,

    1. Tony Phillips Post author

      Hi Piyanate,

      I haven’t come across that issue before. I would recommend checking your syntax as there is probably an error in the file. If the file seems to be correct, you can log a support call with Microsoft in the admin centre.

      Hope that helps,


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