Add shortcut to OneDrive guide

SharePoint is a great place for a school or business to store shared resources. However, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different document locations. The new “Add shortcut to OneDrive” feature is a great way of keeping track of all the documents you use on a regular basis. Not only does it show the shared locations on the web, but it also maps to the OneDrive app for easy access on your windows 10 device.

Get started by finding your favourite SharePoint library.

SharePoint Library

Click the “Add shortcut to OneDrive” button. Simple!

How does it work?

Open OneDrive in the web. There is now a link to the SharePoint library (remember it is still shared and has not moved, it is just a link).
OneDrive on the web

It will have also synced to the desktop app so you can access all the SharePoint files as if it were a mapped drive on your local machine.

Desktop App

Any windows 10 device using this account will have the link to the SharePoint library, so you are ready to work anywhere on any device.

We found that this button saved so much time compared to syncing individual SharePoint libraries on each device we used.

6 thoughts on “Add shortcut to OneDrive guide

  1. Eric Deferm

    Hi Tony, great article, TX for sharing this one & many more valuable articles in your blog.
    When using the “Add shortcut 2 OD” option, the OneDrive sync raises an error ‘Your IT admin no longer allow you to sync “folder name”, Remove shortcut?’
    I checked the admin settings for OD sync, yet our tenant is NOT blocking the sync of specific files (like shortcuts).
    Any idea/suggestion of how to fix this?

    1. Tony Phillips Post author

      Hi Eric,

      One thing to check would be “Does the sync button work on that library?”. If that does work, make sure that you haven’t already synced that library on the same device.

      Hope that helps,

  2. Padraic

    When i do this it syncs the files to my local drive – i.e. it is a sync, not a shortcut which defeats the purpose. This may be a consequence of our admin settings.

    1. Tony Phillips Post author

      If you are syncing onedrive to your local machine then it is also going to sync the sharepoint library too. This is much easier than syncing separate sharepoint libraries as it will follow you around on whatever device you login to. It is also sync on demand as standard so it won’t sync file content unless you edit a document on your device.

  3. Oronzo

    Hi, Thanks for your post. I’ve tried and it works!
    But I have a question: how to move that “link” in my files Onedrive to another directory of my OneDrive?


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