HUGE UPDATE | Microsoft Classwork | What is it & Setup Guide

We are excited to review Microsoft Classwork – the exciting new education Teams app! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to unlock the full potential of Classwork, making your lesson planning process a breeze and organising your class resources efficiently. With Classwork, you can streamline everything from Assignments and OneNote Class Notebook pages to web links, files, and Teams channels, all in one centralised location. Let’s dive in and discover how Classwork can make your teaching experience more enjoyable, productive, and successful, whether you’re in the classroom or conducting virtual lessons.

How to create a new module

Modules allow you to organise content and bring it together in a structured way. Modules might be particular topics that you cover in the course or they might be individual lessons. To create a new Module, select the “New Module” button at the bottom of the screen.

Microsoft Classwork

Add a title and description for the module and then click save

New module in Classwork

Note: You can use the formatting tools in the description to add links and styles to the text.

Add resources

It’s really easy to add resources. Drag and drop files into the module or select “Add a resource” to get started. There are lots of different resources types you can add such as Class Notebook pages, files from other teams, assignments and links.

Add a resource to a module

Publish module

Students can’t see the module until it has been published. This means you can prepare your course in advance and publish modules when they are needed in the classroom. To publish a module, just select the “Publish” button and confirm in the dialog box.

Publish module

Once it is published, you cannot unpublish the module.

Pin a module

Pinning a module is a great feature to focus students on the current module of study. When lots of modules are published it can be difficult for students to navigate to today’s topic. Use the pin option to bring a module to the top of the page. To pin a module, click on the menu button and select “Pin module”

Pin a module

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